How To Be a Good Lover

Does penis size have an impact on the way that a man performs in bed? This is a question that men have been worrying about since the beginning of time. Many men end up taking drastic measures to ensure that their penis size is big enough to satisfy their partner and often buy male enhancement products. They are worried if they come up short in size their performance will suffer as well.

Is there any truth that a small penis will leave a partner wanting more in the bedroom?

There is a little bit of truth to this myth. If a male organ is very small the penis many females will still have sex with the man. If she really likes the man she will not turn away when it comes to making love.

There are some men that are unfortunate and they suffer from a condition that is known as micropenis. If the penis is that small they need a surgery to enhance the size of their penis. A huge penis is not needed to give a woman a good sexual experience. In addition to the penis; skills and technique are important. If you think that your penis is not measuring up, relax. There are three things you can do to keep your women happy in bed.

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    Young lovers

    Know how to treat her – Sex is more than purely intercourse. The woman can be pleased in other ways. Women desire an orgasm and enjoy them. Women take a longer time to reach that point during sex. This is where a man can make up for his size. Learn the places where your woman likes to be touched. Women have a number of different erogenous zones on their bodies. Pay attention to what she likes and she can have an orgasm every time.

  2. Stay Fit and Healthy – Having a large penis a man needs to pay attention to his overall sexual health and well being. There are many men that have a large penis but are not able to perform well when it matters. Keeping the body in shape and make sure your penis is able to become erect when needed can put you ahead of most men. Women will be more impressed by a man that can go longer in bed than a man with a large penis.
  3. Increase Penis Size Naturally – There are a number of male enhancement products on the market that claim to be able to make the penis grow bigger. These products can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There is no need to spend money on these products. There is a natural way that a man can increase the size of his penis. There are some penis exercises that can increase the size and the appearance of the manhood. If a man does the same exercises and techniques over again it will help increase the size of his penis.