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Discover the real cause of Depression and How to Fix it

Depression: What it is and How to Fix It
Frederic Peters MA,Ph.D (Neuroscience)
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This unique self empowerment guide gives you potent insights on:

  • The real cause (and cure) of depression, including dysthymia, bipolar (manic) depression and anxiety
  • How to rediscover hope & happiness in your life and keep it!
  • Why hopelessness and helplessness are integral to the depressed condition
  • Why depression has become the number 2 cause of death and near-death in America
  • Depression indicators and test
  • The radical new systemic approach to the cure of depression
  • A six-step treatment program for turning your life around permanently

Why is depression so widespread?

“Depression is a systemic condition involving, as we know, cognitive, emotional, motivalional, behavioral and bodily aspects of the psychosomatic (body and mind) operating system.
To understand why it is that depression arises with the breakdown of the human life operating system, we need to understand the precise nature of this mechanism that effectively runs our lives. In other words, what sort of a mechanism, when it breaks down, manifests as a dramitic swing from happiness to depression, hope to hopelessness, a sense of self-control to a feeling of helplessness?
Research is now showing that at the human level, the mody-mind regime operates not on the basis of life preservation but life-satisfaction.
And when that natural “happiness” mechanism breaks down, depression is naturally the result.”
From “What Depression Really Is” – Ch 3 of Depression: What It Is and How To Fix It

With the powerful new tools in this self improvement guide you will be able to:

  • Dehypnotise yourself from false beliefs about yourself and the possibilities of your life
  • Take direct charge of your life in ways that seem almost magical following this simple yet practical “new way of life”
  • Discover the real cause of your depression and map out a systematic recovery that will cover all of the problem areas
  • Improve life circumstances on the outside using proven principles for achievement and this new roadmap to the mechanism controlling outcomes in your life
  • Revitalize the intermal machinery that will naturally and continuously generate the happiness you have been seeking in your life
  • Put more years in your life and more life in your years

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What it is and How to Fix It

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