The following surveys are part of a larger survey entitled Survey of Transgendered People’s Life Experiences and Well-Being, and are intended to gather information about the health and well-being of transgendered persons. If you identify as transgendered and are interested in taking part in this survey, we ask that you read the following instructions carefully before attempting any portion.


In each section of the survey, you will be asked to respond to questions pertaining to: gender related behaviour, pattern of transgender behaviour, and childhood gender identity experiences. The later questions are tailored to male or female gender assignment at birth. Questions on perceived stress and queries on your experiences in the last 6 months are also included in this study.

In addition, we are interested in your Quality of Life (QOL), as well as how you describe yourself and your self-confidence. The demographic and background information will further help us to understand the specific needs of the transgender individual and the transgender community. There are also several open-ended questions; feel free to write as much or little as you feel comfortable disclosing. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer to the questions in this study.

To continue, you will be asked to complete the following steps:

  1. Read an introductory letter
  2. Agree to a consent form
  3. Have the option to either;
  • print the survey in its entirety and mail a completed survey to us, or
  • complete a portion of the survey at a time online and submit the portion electronically

Thank you for participating in this survey.